Our Story

How we started

We are a family-owned business based in the South Island of New Zealand. Deer have been part of our family for over 40 years. Initially owning farms in Central Otago, we had the exciting but challenging opportunity to convert sheep and beef farms to large-scale deer farms. We truly loved running the day-to-day farming, breeding, nurturing and removal of velvet for our stags.

We are fortunate in New Zealand to be one of the world's largest producers of the highest quality deer antler velvet. This ensures your supplements are very high in quality.

Where we are now

Our family have since sold our deer farms as we now focus on partnering with farmers throughout New Zealand. With solid knowledge and a successful history of farming deer and growing velvet, we enjoy working with our farmers as we know how much time and effort go into producing their premium deer antler velvet. 

As well as purchasing Deer Antler Velvet from our farmers, we wanted to help more New Zealanders, so we launched Hawker Velvet supplements. They have been extremely popular with our farmers and their families. We now want to bring them to the whole country and maybe even the world.

Deer antler velvet is a phenomenal superfood, it's genuinely unique. 

Deer Velvet - The Benefits

Our Hawker Velvet supplements contain quality deer velvet and ingredients. 100% batch tested, with a wide range of benefits, including joint health, muscular strength, improved circulation and mobility, athletic performance and recovery, immune system, and general well-being, the benefits of deer velvet are boundless. We are incredibly passionate about our business, supplement products and the deer industry. 

We strive to deliver an effective product and a professional-friendly service. Our products are made right here in New Zealand and shipped directly from us to you.

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