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  • Eric and Chrissie Thomson

    I started my elderly cat on the pills. She had arthritis and was getting to the stage where she just didn't have the same mobility she used to have. I began the practice of tipping out a capsule and mixing it into her food to see if that would help her. After a few weeks we both noticed that she was looking much perkier and moving better! We put it down to The Pet deer velvet!

  • Julie Donovan

    I have been taking “Hawker Velvet The Gold” for the last 9 months, and my results are amazing!
    Since turning 40, I have struggled to get out of bed in the morning with stiff and sore feet and joints. Also, taking on a new business this year, which is very labour-intensive, I needed something extra to get through the day! Enter “Hawker Velvet The Gold”, where I take 2 tablets each morning, which ensures I wake up pain-free and free moving from the moment I get out of bed until the end of each day. I highly recommend “Hawker Velvet The Gold” and love feeling free and mobile like a 30-year-old again!

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